About Boyles Furniture

unparalled service

Since 1949 Boyles Furniture & Rugs has been providing the finest home furnishings to the worlds most discerning clients. One of the hallmarks of the Boyles experience is our world famous customer service which continues to be one of the main keys to our success over the past 65 years. Where other companies are satisfied to complete a sale and move onto the next customer, at Boyles we view each customer as a long term part of our family. We will go above and beyond the normal customer care to ensure that our clients have the best furniture experience possible and when something does go wrong we are there to stand by our clients to remedy all issues.
If you aren't happy, we aren't happy!

lowest price guarantee

The Boyles Furniture & Rugs Low Price Guarantee is what has made us famous over the past 65 years. Decade after decade we have been committed to providing our clients with the highest quality furniture brands and styles at prices that won't be found elsewhere. Designer brands at discount prices has made us Americas favorite furniture store!