Aireloom - The Finest Mattress Made

King Karpen founder of Aireloom MattressKing Karpen, a third generation master mattress maker, founded Aireloom Mattresses in the early 1940’s. King’s customers were primarily Hollywood aristocrats. The excellent craftsmanship along with the exceptional quality materials used such as two-three inch layers each of silk, cashmere, wool and cotton that caused Hollywood celebrities to nickname the Aireloom the “Rolls Royce” of mattresses. Couple the amazing materials with a patented nested coil support system, and the Aireloom mattress is by far the best mattress on the planet.

by white house photo via wikimedia The Reagan Bedroom with an Aireloom MattressSilver screen Aireloom customers included John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, John and Yoko Lennon and Ronald and Nancy Reagan. The Reagans, in fact, were such fans that when they moved into the White House, they replaced each and every bed with an Aireloom. The high cost of the mattresses and the cost of shipping from California caused a short political uproar. Taxpayers felt that it would have been a better use of taxpayer money to purchase locally, less expensive mattresses from the DC area. Nancy Reagan finally won the argument by her assertion that White House visitors and residents deserved the best night’s sleep possible and that only an Aireloom mattress could provide that.

After King Karpen’s death, another mattress mogul, Earl Kluft, purchased Aireloom. Kluft had always been a fan of the Aireloom mattress, and was also located in California. It was the perfect acquisition. Kluft purchased the patent, along with the manufacturing plant that sits on six acres in Southern California’s Lancaster County. He retained Karpen’s master craftsmen and continued the tried and tested methods to provide the exquisite sleep experience that can only come from sleeping on an Aireloom mattress.

Mr Kluft is dedicated to continuing the enduring personal sleep luxury of Aireloom. In fact, his nickname is “The Wizard of Ahhhs” and he is dedicated to providing the ultimate sleep experience and unparalleled luxury for those customers with the means and desire to have the best of everything.

Crafting an Aireloom mattress is such an entailed process that only eight can be produced in a day, with 50 artisans working on them. It takes two craftsman an hour to hand tie one box spring. The mattress is filled using a closely guarded, secret patented process and results in a true “adapt and react” feeling for each body type.

Aireloom air chamber secret to greatest mattress on planetAireloom design pioneered a natural chamber between the springs and the mattress-top that allows every element to react and adapt at its highest performance. When the chamber meets the layers of plush material, the bed completely synchronizes with your body. It can only be described as a lift.

Six hundred hand sewn stitches pull together the perimeter of the mattress, and the cloud like tufts are created by 50 hand-laced pulls. Luxurious materials and artisan craftsmanship combine to create the finest mattress on earth.

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