Original Works of Art- Hancock and Moore Furniture

If you own a piece of furniture from Hancock & Moore, congratulations, you own a signed, original work of art.

Hancock & Moore is a relative youngster in the North Carolina furniture industry.  Master Craftsman Jimmy Moore started the company in 1981.  At that time in the furniture manufacturing business, other furniture manufacturers were looking for ways to cut expenses and outsource much of their labor.  Jimmy recognized an opportunity to create a business that sold only custom, handmade pieces of furniture using quality materials and finishes, produced by only the very best master wood craftsmen and master upholsterers.

Hancock & Moore is less of a furniture manufacturer and more of a high end shop that employs only the very best craftsmen in the industry. One does not "get a job" at Hancock & Moore. Every craftsman starts out as an apprentice and only the very best become actual craftsmen, allowed to build and sign the custom heirloom pieces of art produced in the studio. The artisans at Hancock & Moore spend up to 80 hours on each and every piece.

The passion for beautiful furniture at Hancock & Moore begins with you, the customer. Hancock & Moore is determined to accommodate your unique style and personal choice. They provide endless choices of fabric, leather, hardwoods, trims and finishes, while you provide the inspiration and style choices. The Hancock & Moore tradition of hand-built quality and pride in craftsmanship ensures that your vision is soon your heirloom reality.  

What is the difference between Hancock & Moore and other high end furniture companies? It’s in the embellishment details:  

Branding furniture at Hancock & Moore. Branding leatherBranding: Hancock & Moore furniture is branded using traditional Western ranch methods from authentic brands created at a blacksmith's shop in Southwest Texas. The brands are heated over an open flame and then applied to the leather at Hancock & Moore. Once the brand has cooled, a sealer is applied. We also offer Customer's Own Brand, which is a great way to personalize your furniture.

Bullion Fringe:
Leather Bullion Fringe is a type of decorative trim applied on the outside of furniture to portray a frayed look. Originally, bullion fringe was made only from plain or crepe cords, but we have taken this concept and applied it to leather, giving it a unique and distinctive look.

Our burnished leathers feature unique patinas, which fine leather goods develop over time with age and use. Our labor intensive burnishing technique is a long process that is done by hand by a highly experienced, trained craftsman

Almost any type of design or logo can be embroidered on most Hancock & Moore leathers. The design is digitized by computer and then replicated with stitching on the leather. Embroidery adds a unique touch to a piece of furniture, making it one-of-a-kind.

hand painted furniture art by Hancock and MooreHand Painting:
Our professional artists complete the hand painting process. The leather is lightly buffed, and then the artist paints the chosen design onto the furniture. Once the painting is applied, our expert craftsman treats the leather to ensure lasting beauty. Custom designs are available and quoted on an individual basis.

Neutra detailing is a raised effect typically found on the in-back or out-back of a style. A slit is made on the back of the leather or fabric, and the desired shape is filled with welt and then stitched closed.

Quilting is a decorative feature applied to upholstery. Originally done only on fabric, we have taken the art of quilting and perfected it on leather. Because of the extra fill required to create quilts, quilted furniture can provide very luxurious seating. We have a variety of patterns and sizes to accent the style of your piece, such as Channel and Diamond.

Gimp is a decorative trim applied along the welt line of a piece of furniture. The leather or fabric is folded and sewn to create a hem. Gimp can be created with the finish side of leather, or the reverse (or flesh) side of leather or fabric.

Are you starting to imagine your custom furniture piece? The design staff at Boyles Furniture is ready to help you place your custom order with Hancock & Moore.

Hancock & Moore Quality Craftmanship