Aico Furniture

AICO furniture, designed by Michael Amini, is known for being contemporary, quality and comfortable. Each piece of AICO luxury furniture designed by Mr. Amini can be considered a work of art enhancing your home, as beautiful as it is functional. AICO furniture is a statement of your style, but more than that, the quality and craftsmanship in the build means it is also an investment. A room made beautiful by the design genius of Michael Amini is a room that will never go out of style, never bore you, and will always leave an impression on those that view it.

Boyles is proud to carry AICO furniture and display the collections of Michael Amini. Since 1949, Boyles Furniture and Rugs has been at the epicenter of North Carolina’s famous Quality Crafted Furniture and Textile Trade. Shop for quality North Carolina furniture with Boyles online or in our local showrooms.