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Drexel Heritage Furniture

Regardless of preferred style, time after time it seems nearly all of Drexel Heritage Furniture customers expressed the same desire & I want to make my furniture my own.” In addition to almost every upholstery product being custom made, Drexel Heritage Furniture offers a wide variety of finishes, hardware, and other details. This means that the options to personalize your home to fit your style are almost endless.

Since 1903 Drexel Heritage Furniture has been creating the finest furniture. They are well-known for their French-inspired line of pieces that were produced in the company’s early stages. Drexel Heritage furniture is the leader in transitional and modern furniture. By working with top designers from around the world, Drexel Heritage Furniture has made creativity and style it's main focus in furniture designs. Whether you revered the past, admiring rooms steeped in an elegant formality, or you preferred a casual home capable of hosting impromptu dinners around your kitchen table, Drexel Heritage Furniture designers are here to help you reflect your individual way of life.

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