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French Heritage Furniture

French Heritage is the story of a passion - a passion for antiques. As a child, co-founder of French Heritage Jacques Wayser would traverse the antique markets of the English and French countrysides with his parents. As antiques were the family business, Jacques was steeped in an appreciation for quality from an early age. That appreciation developed into a passion for the artistry of heriloom furniture and helped launch a business designed to offer the very best antique reproductions on the market.

To bring the lost art of fine craftsmanship into the modern era, Jacques and his wife Hennessy launched French Heritage in 1981, though the seed of the company had been planted long before. French Heritage would build heirloom furniture for future generations, utilizing the time-honored techniques of medieval and Renaissance guilds, honoring the intricate hand-carvings, delicate finishes, and sturdy construction. The master craftsman of the distant past would be honored in the antique reproductions lovingly brought to life by today’s artisans.

The French Heritage story continues today with ever-expanding collections, evolving design, and fresh new fabrics. While classic French antique is at the heart of French Heritage offerings, you’ll find twists and turns that give some of the furniture a positively inspired edge. Choose your own fabrics for upholstering the perfect pieces; imagine the fun when French antique meets fashion industry runway - the possibilities are limitless.

French Heritage believes that your home is a reflection of you, of the life you’ve chosen. And for the luxury home owner, that means only timeless, quality heirlooms to furnish and adorn your rooms. With painstaking devotion to detail, French Heritage mines the recesses of history to find only the best pieces for reproduction. So whether you’re looking for a touch of classic elegance, some French country comfort, or Parisian chic, French Heritage will help you select just the right piece and make it your own.

The final chapter of the French Heritage story hasn’t been written yet. Future generations will have to do that as they receive the heirloom furniture passed down to them, and discover as Jacques Wayser did, the beauty and timelessness of truly unique French furniture.

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