Bedroom Furniture

Between your busy life of family, friends, work and everything else that goes into your day-to-day, it’s your bedroom that oftentimes will be the place you go to truly get away and escape the chaos of everyday life. Taking this into consideration, your bedroom should be a sanctuary full of relaxing colors, comfortable bedding and luxurious furniture that makes you feel safe and comforted.

Living Room Furniture

Family game night, a movie marathon on a rainy day or entertaining guests during a party. Your living room is a multi-purpose space, and as such, requires furniture that serves as a focal point of your home. Due to the extensive amount of time you spend in this space, your living room furniture need to be pieces that you are truly in love with. Boyles Furniture and Rugs offers everything so that you can figure out your top feature furniture like sofas or recliners as well as built-ins that are great additions to every room. By “built-ins” we mean items like bookcases, desks, media consoles and shelving units as ways to add design elements and practical storage space at the same time.

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Home Office Furniture

If your home office is similar to others, then it plays a wide variety of roles. If you work from home, this space is responsible for your 9-to-5 business. If you have children, this space can be home to art projects, school research papers and daily homework. For others, their home office provides a space for them to keep their bills, mail and other important documents in order. Regardless of your uses, Boyles Furniture and Rugs is available with the furniture you need to fit any home office.

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Outdoor Furniture

North Carolina’s weather allows its residents to enjoy much of the year outdoors. As such, interest in utilizing outdoor spaces continues to gain popularity. Homeowners are choosing to host more outdoor gatherings like barbecues, pool parties and other backyard parties, and a large part of this is the attractive, sturdy and comfortable outdoor furniture you have for entertaining your guests. Having the right furniture adds the pop of color and comfort every gathering needs.

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Did you know you can completely repurpose a room without having to invest in expensive new furniture? The secret is in how you redecorate. Opposed to new chairs, tables and desks, all you really may need is the addition of a few throw rugs, frames, mirrors and vases to transform the look and feel of any room.

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Today’s amount of options make the once-easy task of choosing lighting for your home much more complicated. Regardless of having to filter through the seemingly endless lighting options, finding the right illumination for your home’s space is important. Lighting technology has come a long way. You now have the choice between lighting fixtures that provide more of an ambient glow, versus others that shine bright from one corner of a room to the other. Choosing the wrong lighting fixture can lead to poorly or overly lit rooms that don’t do the space justice. Fortunately our Boyles Furniture and Rugs professionals are available to help you find the perfect match for your lighting needs.

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Want to break up your floor pattern? Then Boyles Furniture and Rugs is the way to go. We provide a large selection of unique rugs to fit the shape, size and color scheme of the rooms in your home. Leading manufacturers like Rizzy, Momeni and Jaipur provide us with hundreds or rug options to choose from for any room that needs some excitement. Rugs visually pull together a room by tying all of the colors in the different pieces together as one. With the right rug, you can anchor, define and add warmth as a helping layer in your rooms’ designs.

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