Henkel Harris

Henkel Harris Furniture

In 1946, Carroll and Mary Henkel along with John Harris started Henkel Harris Furniture in Virginia. John Harris, a master wood craftsman, produced the high-quality furniture while the Henkels promoted the brand in the United States. Over time the exceptional quality of Henkel Harris furniture made the brand so popular in the U.S. that Mary Henkel traveled to Europe to promote the exquisite line of furniture. Mary Henkel found inspiration in European antique furniture and incorporated the designs to a new line of Henkel Harris Furniture creations.

Henkel Harris Furniture’s European designs, crafted by American Wood Artisans, was a huge success and to this day the Henkel Harris Furniture brand expresses the timelessness of true elegance.

Boyles Furniture is proud to carry the Henkel Harris Furniture brand. Since 1949, Boyles Furniture and Rugs has been at the epicenter of North Carolina’s famous Quality Crafted Furniture Trade. Shop for quality North Carolina furniture with Boyles online or in our local showrooms.

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